Meatco Foundation and UNIL conducts feasibility study

In 2018, Meatco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vehicle, the Meatco Foundation, together with UNIL (Norwegian Group) agreed to conduct a feasibility study on solar photovoltaic options that would supplement Meatco’s grid-connected supply.

UNIL, through Multi Consult ‑ a company that specialises in solar PV systems, recently contracted four top students from various universities in Norway to carry out the feasibility study in Namibia from 1 to 10 July 2019. The study aims at sketching the appropriate solar PV system(s) that could address Meatco’s needs and consequently contribute towards supplementing its grid-connected supply. The feasibility study also aims at finding the most economical ways of using the Solar PV installation, which would bring savings to Meatco, some of which will be redirected to the Foundation to drive its corporate social investment operations.

Furthermore, the study seeks to find whether investing in renewable energy is financially viable for Meatco in the short- and long term, and will explore other options available.

The students also visited different institutions in the country that included the Electrical Commission Board (ECB), Namibia Power Corporation (NamPower) and City of Windhoek to gain insight into the solar PV regulations, transmissions, distribution and net metering regulations as well as policies.

Receiving the students, Senior Manager: Meatco Foundation, Kingsley Kwenani, said: “I am excited about the project because it will provide Meatco with the sufficient energy it needs once it’s realised. And it will allow the company to make savings, which can be redirected towards building our reserves and assist the Meatco Foundation with supporting farmers.

“However, we wait to find out whether the proposal is feasible and if we can implement it in the near future.”

At the same occasion, Mia Walle-Hansen from the Norwegian School of Economics said: “The project in itself seems promising; we need to look more into carbon credits (carbon emissions), which are important for our clients. However, it is great to be a part of this great initiative, which will bring about environmentally friendly ways of conducting business for Meatco. We are also grateful for Meatco and Meatco Foundation for their assistance in organising very productive meetings with institutions such as ECB, NamPower and the City of Windhoek.”     

The feasibility study the four students conducted in Namibia was fully funded through UNIL, Meatco Foundation’s main donor, and is due for completion in September this year.